Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Kids Fit Fun For All at Camp Broken Arrow!

Whats up!
Just wanted to let the Counselors and the CITS at Camp Broken Arrow at the Town North Family YMCA know that we had a great time today working with them and all of the great kids who participated in our All Kids Fit Fitness FUN FOR ALL!!

Kat,thank you for a wonderful opportunity to enlighten the children to the importance of fitness and fun but most of all to the importance of a well balanced and nutritious breakfast to start the day,especially if they are going to be exercising first thing in the morning!

Today talking with the all the kids it made it even more apparent to me, its time we start educating our children to the fact that Tony The Tiger is not GREEEAT, nor are any of the other ridiculous characters "THEY" use to lure our kids in to ask us to buy. Those very products that are destroying our families, kids and adults alike.

Just because kids play sports and are active and there metabolism is high, its not always going to be the case,and what have we taught them about proper nutrition?

We love you but we don't have time to feed you what you should be eating, to grow up and be the best you can be so lets just settle for what "They" say is good.

I am here not only to tell you, but to show you, that eating healthy is not expensive it is not time consuming its quite the opposite.Especially if you look at the long term affects of what that garbage will do to you not only physically but emotionally as well!

If you don't believe me we will personally show you how easy it is to be successful when it comes to kicking the habit of fast and junk food.

Its about time to take back our kids and our lives and help is just a phone call away!

Dont wait another moment longer!

Thank you for listening!
Scott Pagliaccio

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