Monday, July 13, 2009

Monica shaves 1:55 off her mile time!

Hello all!

First I must commend Monica Ferguson on an outstanding effort today at our 7 and up kids camp!

Monica who is 11years old shaved a 1:55 of her mile time from last week by pushing herself extremely hard,that isnt an easy task to accomplish in only a weeks time ,but she did it!

So Monica, that proves you can do anything you set your mind to,GREAT JOB!

I would have great things to say about the rest of the class but it was just the two of us today.

One more thing the actual workout was pretty gruelling as well and she really pushed and gave it her all for that part to.

We did 4 sets of 30 second whistle sprints to start followed by a 25 yard bear crawl down,25 sit ups, back followed by 20 mountain climbers rest a minute,crabwalk 25 yards down, 20 medicine ball chops right, crabwalk back 25 yards20 medicine ball chops left,rest a minute and ended with 5 minutes of abbs!

You should be proud of the awesome job you did today!

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  1. Well thanks i am surprised too ! that was a hard workout. i think Wednesdays needs to be really hard like with the mile run and abbs !