Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tough one today!

Tough work out for the big kids today!

5 minute dynamic warm up followed by a 1/4 mile jogging loop to warm up.

The workout was a bit more tough,we started with 10 push ups,10 sit ups,10 squats repeated twice and then a 1/4 mile sprint,for 35 minutes and then we cooled down and got our picture taken by Allison from the Neighbors edition of The Dallas Morning News!

Hopefully you guys will see some photos of the older kids at the end of our gruelling workout!

Hats off to both groups of kids for working hard and putting up with me!

I will be relentless in my efforts to educate and empower your children to the importance of proper nutrition and exercise as "A WAY OF LIFE"

Oh yeah,make sure the kids do the homework I left with each and everyone of them!

They know what to do,I TELL THEM EVERY DAY!

Thanx for tuning in!
Scott Pagliaccio

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