Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainy days on Monday always get me amped to workout with the kids!

Whats up!
Well as you all know we are getting a bit of rain but that will never slow us down!

We started today's small fry class in the gym with a great warm up of line runs and jumping jacks followed by some bear crawls and a jogging loop or four!

Then we went out in the rain and played a crazy game of your it,but this game was a bit different from the norm.
This game was the one that all the kids were it and it was complete chaos, for the simple fact that it started pouring down rain and thundering and a little bit of lightning.

Do you think the kids wanted to go in because they were scared? Absolutely not!

We stayed out for a good while and eventually went in and dried off and finished the workout with some yoga and some meditation!


Round Two with the big kiddos was GREAT as well!

We did our first resistance training workout inside with some free weights and also the smith press(the fixed barbell machine) to work on shoulders!

Some people might be thinking those kids are to young to be lifting weights!

They might damage there growth plates!

Kids cant be introduced soon enough to weights,if taught proper technique!

I have been working with weights with my kids since they popped out of the womb!

This is not my opinion this is a fact that I have researched for some time!

Kids that work out with weights will develop stronger muscles and joints and this will also help with sports and everyday life as well, not to mention helping fight osteoporosis for girls as they grow into womanhood,the list is endless!

So keep pumping the iron,the more lean muscle you have the more effectively your body works!

If you are looking for the proverbial fountain of youth,here it is EAT WELL AND EXERCISE!

Until next time,EAT CLEAN TO STAY LEAN!

Scott P

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