Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Whats up everyone!

Daniel Frid & I just finished up promoting All Kids Fit over at Parish High School,with all the wonderful folks from the Town North YMCA!

Andrew,Trey,Val,Diddy,Suebe & her Husband the whole bunch!

Andrew,Sports Director at Town North was having his annual football weigh in, where all the kids that play come and jump on the scale,they had a couple Dallas Cowboys some SMU players,Cheerleaders and some vendors giving away free stuff.

Daniel and I had a blast, we set up an obstacle course for the kids to enjoy as well as some of the parents,passed out healthy snacks(fruit)and ran the course a time or two ourselves!

Huge thanks to Andrew and his crew for inviting us to be part of what I must say was an incredibly fun and beneficial outing!

The YMCA afterschool & All Kids Fit

Hey everyone! All Kids Fit has partnered with the Town North YMCA once again,doing a kids camp at Anne Frank Elementary in the DISD.

We will be at a different school in the DISD, 4 all together, once each week promoting proper nutrition and exercise as "A way of life" and monitoring there progress!

We set up an obstacle course and timed all the kiddos!

They were all winners and worked very hard and most importantly had allot of fun!

One child from each age group 5-8 & 6-11 won a free 16oz Jamba Juice Smoothie,free Lettuce Wraps from Pei Wei & an All Kids Fit Tee-shirt.

This is a great partnership and we are very thankful to the YMCA for this outstanding opportunity!

We look forward to what lies ahead!

Scott Pagliaccio

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tom Ryan & The Dallas Athletes!

Hello everyone!

My son Rocco and I meet with Tom Ryan founder of The Dallas Athletes today and we are super excited to say that we will be collaborating with them on there Kids Marathon program in September!

Also in the works is implementing All Kids Fit with Tom and his wonderfull staff into the Keller ISD!

All this is very exciting,and we look forward to what lies ahead!

Talk to you all very soon!

Scott P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DISD & All Kids Fit

I am very pleased to say that All Kids Fit and The Town North YMCA are going to be starting a program with 4 schools in The Dallas Independent School District starting next month!

So a special thanks goes out to Katherine Ansley,Childcare Director Extraordinaire and The Town North Family YMCA,for presenting us with this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you for Believing in us we wont let you down!

Get ready to workout but most off all "HAVE FUN DOIN IT"

Scott Pagliaccio

Mustang Park & All Kids Fit

It has been a while since we have posted anything.

Summer camps are comming to a close,and we are starting a fall camp at Mustang Park Rec. Center at the feild adjacent to the playground, in Irving,off of Kinwest and Just East of Royal Ln.

Looking very forward to starting on Sept. 9th at 3pm.

I would also like to thank Marla Ferguson for organizing the whole thing,and thank the parents and other children who are getting involved!

See you all very soon!

Thank you again Marla!

Scott P

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hooray for Monica!!!!!

Congrats to the Fergusons!

Especially Monica who worked hard and shaved 1:55 off of her mile time!

We are absolutly not dicounting the efforts of her younger siblings Alex(Van Halen),Erin and Carlin,who also Rock!

Nor the efforts of the rest of the kids in our All Kids Fit Kids Camp!They Rock To!

Monica,Way to go!!!


Scott P

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Song Church and All Kids Fit through down!

Me and my whole family just got back from our meeting/workout with the kids and the teachers over at The New Song Church in Carlton TX.

It was a great workout and a great experience for all who participated,especially me!

The kids and staff we meet with today were all Korean some of which did not speak English, I was told by some of the other children.

Let me say one thing about being welcomed in to someone Else's church,home,place of business etc... it is the most amazing feeling in the world when you can bring people together through some common bond,and for me, it is fitness and the love of it!

I have the greatest job in the world to be able to meet and share and learn from people of all walks of live

The folks at New Song Welcomed All Kids Fit (my family) and made us part of them and for me that is truly living!

So I really want to thank Lydia and all of the wonderfull staff and kids alike, for allowing us to come into there place of worship(there home) and bring what I believe to be another element of spirituality to them in the form of "Proper nutrition and exercise as a way of life!"

Scott P

P.S.We have some great video and photos on the way,hopefully by this weekend!

See you when I look atcha!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer draws to a close! New adventures on the horizon

This week is going to be a very busy week for all of us at All Kids Fit!

We are meeting with the people over at New Song Church in Carlton,thanks to our friend Lydia!

We are also winding down our summer camps at the Town North YMCA this month but look forward to working with Kit and her crew in there after school programs!

This has been an AMAZING summer and I can only see GREAT things on the horizon for everyone at and involved in All Kids Fit!

So in closing I would like to say thank you to all the participants and all of the parents who believe in us !

We are just getting started!
Scott P