Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Song Church and All Kids Fit through down!

Me and my whole family just got back from our meeting/workout with the kids and the teachers over at The New Song Church in Carlton TX.

It was a great workout and a great experience for all who participated,especially me!

The kids and staff we meet with today were all Korean some of which did not speak English, I was told by some of the other children.

Let me say one thing about being welcomed in to someone Else's church,home,place of business etc... it is the most amazing feeling in the world when you can bring people together through some common bond,and for me, it is fitness and the love of it!

I have the greatest job in the world to be able to meet and share and learn from people of all walks of live

The folks at New Song Welcomed All Kids Fit (my family) and made us part of them and for me that is truly living!

So I really want to thank Lydia and all of the wonderfull staff and kids alike, for allowing us to come into there place of worship(there home) and bring what I believe to be another element of spirituality to them in the form of "Proper nutrition and exercise as a way of life!"

Scott P

P.S.We have some great video and photos on the way,hopefully by this weekend!

See you when I look atcha!

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  1. To Scott and family!

    Thank YOU GUYS so much for the awesome time! The kids had an awesome with All Kids Fit! I am truly a believer that nutrition and fitness needs to start at a young age, in order for it to become a norm, a lifestyle. So I am very excited for you guys as whats to come! Good luck to every part of All Kids Fit! God bless you and your family, Scott!!! On behalf of New Song, Thank you sooooo much!!! Lydia An