Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is the second All Kids Fit camp and HOLY SMOKES! The kids worked out hard again!

Our first group the younger kids started with a nice warm up and then played a game of everyone is IT,a game that tests there agility skills followed by some bear crawls and some jogging,we even Incorporated a couple of minutes of meditation and breathing techniques at the end to cool them all down!

So great job to Luke,Arden,Katheran,Rohan,Kristen,Mary,Charolette and Isabell!

For the second group we did a timed 1 mile run and 1 minute timed sit ups!
This is the posting for all the kiddos!

First off GREAT JOB everyone!!!

These are in no particular order.

Joshua-7:10 mile 56 sit ups

Gabrielle 9:22 mile 37 sit ups

Jordan9:24 mile 25 sit ups

Monica 9:55 mile 30 sit ups

Alex 9:55.5 mile 40 sit ups

Nikhil 20:00 mile 28 sit ups

Hilary 20:00 mile 37 sit ups

Kira 20:00 mile 0 sit ups

Riley 19:20 mile 29 sit ups

Ryan 20:00 mile 26 sit ups

There you have it these are a measuring stick for the kids to use to see how the improve over the course of the camp.

We will be doing this at the end of the camp to test the increase of strength and endurance of each child!

Parents please dont forget to send me your contact info so you can be entered in to win the 1 year family membership to The Dallas World Aquarium!!

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