Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Great couple of Kids Camps!!

Whats up everyone!

It was a little to hot for the small frys so we stayed in and worked out on the sport wall today,I will post the video later!

The Big kids got a great workout in the hot sun though, I thought I heard Camile who was a special guest today say "her legs were numb' in a good way of course.

Riley pushed a little to hard and did not eat today and had to sit out most of the class but what she did do she did well!

I cant stress enough the importance of proper nutrition and hydration 1 hour prior to working out and immediatly after working out(as soon as they get home)

This will help keep there metabolsim high and suppot lean muscle growth,wich in turn supports fat loss and increases strength and endurance!

The kids should have some sort of compex carbohydrate,coupled with a good protien source as well.(apple,bannana,nuts,all natural peanutbutter, to name a few things)

If you have any questions as it pertains to the childrens or your own nutrition please feel free to call,I will be more than happy to help!


Scott P

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